Sharp Copiers / Printers deliver increased efficiency for Colour and Black & White needs. When you need speedy output, outstanding print quality

Sharp Printers deliver increased efficiency for Colour and Black & White needs. The ultimate printers to satisfy varied printing needs.

Sharp Electronic Cash Registers and Point-of-Sale terminals Install a Sharp Electronic Cash Register or Point-of-Sale terminal to achieve the sales efficiency your business has been looking for.

Display Solutions for Business Information presented more beautifully than ever - brought to life in high definition. Expand the possibilities of your business with the visual power of LCD technology, with a complete line-up of sizes from 32" to 90".


OKI Data Australia & New Zealand is a leading global manufacturer of printing solutions. Over 30 years ago, OKI pioneered LED technology which delivers numerous benefits including reduced energy consumption, increased reliability from fewer moving parts, increased media flexibility thanks to a straight paper path, and the achievement of smaller, space-saving designs. Headquartered in Sydney and a subsidiary of OKI Data Corporation of Japan, OKI offers a wide range of solutions including digital colour and mono printers and multifunction products, backed by a 3 year warranty on LED-based products. Its product line up also includes dot matrix printers, as well as various options, accessories and consumables.

OKI launched the world’s first digital A3 colour printer with a fifth colour spot for white or clear gloss, as well as the world's first desk-based A4 printers with white toner and neon colour capabilities. Most recently, OKI has released the ColorPainter range of large format inkjet printers. OKI takes a consultative approach to supporting customer needs and delivering individualised solutions that optimise business performance.


Why Choose a 3LCD Projector.

Bright Images, Because 3LCD projectors continuously project Red, Green and Blue colours, images are bright and colourful. Our internal testing established that Epson 3LCD projectors consistently yielded brighter Red, Green and Blue colours than 1-Chip DLP™* projectors with similar lumens ratings. Every colour is faithfully reproduced by 3LCD projectors with dynamic brightness, vibrant and accurate colours that breathe life into any presentation, whether for high profile business seminars, movies or the latest gaming console. 3LCD projectors take image quality to its natural best. The Luminance of Colours Maximum brightness ( i.e. lumen level indicated on brochures ) is measured by projecting a 100% full white pattern image to a screen. However, in a true presentation scenario, images with colour are projected, meaning that the true lumens of each colour is extremely vital in such situations. 3LCD projectors offer superior colour luminance, producing vivid and sharp colour images. This capability enables them to provide more effective support than ever before in business presentations, which increasingly make use of colour in images such as photographs and charts.


Selecting a Point of Sale (POS) system that will best suit your business requirements can be a difficult challenge, particularly with such a wide range of technologies and systems that are available in the market. Uniwell POS Australia supplies purpose built, robust, and reliable Point of Sale systems that are designed specifically to handle the rigours and tough environment of your shop front. We can provide you with the Point of Sale features, reliability and support that you require, allowing you to effectively manage and grow your business.